Nouvelles du bord – Pip Hare - Vendredi 10 mai 2019

“Quite a calm first night, actually, it was good, it was just easing me into it. Everything feels fine. This morning I’m up, I’ve got three sails up, spinnaker, jib and a main. It got really light in the night, so put the spinnaker up in the dark, which was quite a hard thing to do because there was a lot of other boats around and loads of things to think about, and I was in kind of half a decision not to put it up, just to play it safe, not take any risk, just get my first night out of the way, but there was part of me that just thought “well, I don’t want to be left for dust, so it really has to go up”. So I chose quite a small spinnaker and then I just thought about the task and broke it down. It took me quite a while, but I just did everything slowly, steadily and I had a really bright torch so I was just checking every single detail. There was loads of backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards. Walking up and down the boat, I’m getting quite a few steps in, which is unusual for sailing – but I guess it is a big boat! I managed to sleep as well, which was incredible. Literally for 15min at a time to begin with and in-between I was just checking everything and in the early hours of this morning, I actually slept for about an hour – and miss the time that I should have gybed actually, which is not the end of the world as we’re going along quite nicely now. I’m feeling good, I’m about to have my first porridge and a cup of tea – and all’s right with the world.”