Nouvelles du bord - Pip Hare- Lundi 13 mai 2019

Transcript of call with Pip Hare at 1028BST 13/05/2019

“I’m knackered. It’s been a never ending slog this morning. Just one thing after another. I saw the sunrise just before it got light. I wanted it to get light before I started doing stuff and I’ve pretty much on the go since then. Just managed to get the goose neck back in and to locate, but I’m struggling to find a way of retaining it, so all through the night, last night, I was every hour, letting the main out, taking the pressure off it, going at it with a hammer, wriggling and banging it back in again. And if necessary, I’ll just have to keep doing that for the rest of the way. I think I’ve thought of a way I might be able to hold it down with some clamps. I’ll go down and look at that later on because I’m absolutely knackered. We’re up again and got a bit of pace on which is really nice and this morning, quite amazingly, I saw a whale. Which was fantastic. I’m pretty sure it was a whale, or a deformed enormous dolphin, if it wasn’t a whale! It was in the distance, just rolling gently through a wave, which is really special. I’m just really enjoying being out here and hoping that today, I can just have a day of, haha, plain sailing!

It was how it was last night. If I power up I risk doing further damage and the gooseneck pin comes out completely. Then I don’t finish and don’t have any miles for the Vendee, so the objective here is to just keep going. So long as there are boats in front of me, I’ll always be trying to catch them. That’s for sure. But we’ve still got a thousand and a bit miles to go. So, you know, it’s all to play for still and I need to look after myself and the boat. And the main thing is that, you know, sometimes I just look at the boat and I just hoisted up the full main and sort of going to-and-fro, checking everything was alright and we started going off, the boat heels over, and we go off at pace, and I just thought “Blimey! I’m sailing this thing on my own”. It’s the most incredible feeling. She’s a big boat, it’s enormous. You get so absorbed in the task and you know, you’re head down, you’re focused on  doing this and this and this, and actually when you stop, and you actually look up and you look around and I look at how far I’ve come – both literally and metaphorically – you know I shouldn’t beat myself up about it. It’s my first ever race and it’s quite and extraordinary feeling that I’m actually doing something like this. It’s amazing.”