Nouvelles du bord – Miranda Merron - mardi 14 mai 2019

When I started this race a few days ago (seems like weeks ago), I really didn't know much about the boat. In the cockpit alone, there are over 30 ropes, excluding sheets. I had no idea what the range of each sail should be. And as for the rest...  I now know a little more now, but still a lot to learn! 

Some manoeuvres are becoming second nature. Tacking, for example, is quite straightforward as long as the following list is adhered to:
- unlash and move two waterlogged sails on deck to the other side of the boat with the help of gravity (I forgot to move them other day and had to set up a purchase system to shift them....). 
- empty / transfer ballast tanks and stack all interior equipment + other sails with the help of gravity
- new daggerboard down
- release keel 
- tack...
- cant keel
- immediately change speedo setting (we had to replace one which didn't work, but for some reason, it doesn't switch automatically) while system alarm goes off
- grind old daggerboard up...

This morning's tack was in 20+ knots of wind when the front went through before dawn. The wind then dropped as expected, so as extra special pre-breakfast training, I then got to furl one headsail, unfurl another and shake two reefs out of the mainsail all in one go. 

The wind is supposed to be west, but at the moment it's southwest  roughly the same direction as the next mark. Grey sky and clouds ahead and to the left, blue sky just to the right, so hopefully it will shift enough soon. Some sunshine would be welcome as it has been quite chilly and damp.