Nouvelles du bord - Boris Herrmann - Lundi 13 mai 2019


The next big event this night will be the passage of a cold front. I try to be rested and have the boat organized for that. Sometimes it’s more brutal than expected. I am not so sure about this one. 40 knots are possible. 

The associated wind shift to the right or from sw to nw will be the moment for my tack on to the final beat to the Azores waypoint. 

It will be gusty, rainy nasty with crossed seas as usual. So let’s close the eyes and get through this. 

Would love to know the other skippers opinions and outlooks. Giovanni Soldini told me that back in the days in the around alone or Boc challenge races around the world they were constantly chatting on short wave radios. Nowadays no one has these any more. There is no such technology for that kind of sea man chatting any more. Or maybe not that kind of sea men and women neither. 


Further ahead after we have passed the waypoint conditions promise to be moderate and decent. 

Not quite the outlook I like for the night. Would be nicer to be able to see this coming during the day. I will use sat pictures but won’t be able to see the clouds. 

It is very warm on this side. Sunny now since a while too. For a few hours I had been able to sail at 70 degrees to the wind. An open angle. Fast and nice. Gradually the wind will clock forward and it will become a slower upwind exercise for the rest of the day. 

For now I enjoy a few hours of this including full solar charge dry and warm air. 


I wonder about the terrestrial life of my friends. How is your week forecast?  Bmw is doing a video shoot with Team Malizia and Pierre Casiraghi in Monaco using the gc32 catamaran. I wish the make up person of the video team could treat my red nose. Ha


Can’t wait to pass the waypoint. It’s a much better feeling to sail towards a land mark than a virtual mark. Sailing back to Brest. I like that idea ok. Could I have chosen I would have made the race go to MONACO of course or at least a sunny place somewhere further south. Eta is Friday.