Nouvelles du bord - Boris Herrmann - Dimanche 12 mai 2019

Sunday at sea

We have been sailing into the sunset in sight of each other with Initiative qouer and v and b. Just after sunset we went simultaneously from code zero to j2. I bagged and stacked the sail. From there I had a very symmetric sequence of reefing and unreefing up till now. At its strongest I would see 26 knots with j3 and 2 reefs. Now back to one reef and j2. 

The boat jumping around and making erratic movements for most of the day held me from doing anything else then trimming or sleeping. A quick meal and some glances at the computer. 

In the bunk some of the impact were even painful. Sitting u had to watch your back. These boats are so stiff ! 

The first morning light came out as a shy golden stripe under a carpet like grey sky. Just short then pure grey all morning. 

Around lunchtime sun is out and spirits rise. I try to send a video mit something does not work. Very satisfactory though the solar. Over a few hours sun light it charged the batteries fully. 

Now back to a grey blue mix. Lumpy clumsy sea state and some hatch impacts still but getting better. Initiatives reappears back on the ais 11 miles from hear. 

I thought I keep some height in the bank to be able to speed up a bit with the heading and lightening winds we expect. 

It has been relaxing to sail the day alone kind of without eye or ais sight of anyone. Just in my own. It feels like a coastal race sprint a bit. But no coat in sight. It puts some pressure to see other people around and constantly checking for matching speed but better like that. 

Wrong decision was not to take the water maker. What was I thinking? I drink much more than I thought. Almost 10 liters on the second day. No worries. Will manage. 

Wonder how the rest of the fleet is feeling about this Sunday. 

Would be nice to debrief quickly in the bar in Brest and then go back to work.  

Never so keen on dinner. Ll force myself to eat something. Ah and i called my mum. Mums day. But no answer. Ha. 

I wonder what my little dog would behave like here. Would she just chill ? With all the noise ? That’s what I think when I try to sleep. I imagine her attitude. Always ready to sleep. Ok goal for this week. Get around the waypoint. Back to Brest. Get over the flue. Maintain a good position. Don’t damage anything. Enjoy this weeks “different” lifestyle. Trying to be aware of what we are doing here. Highlight of my day: in the greyest and most lumpy-stormy moment my girlfriend asking by email it the dolphins were still with me. These bastards they hide when it gets rough! But picturing them playing behind made me laugh. Dolphins really are nice weather players. I have never seen them in the grey world.